Borderless Networks

Networks without borders – borderless networks. With integrated services routers you can deliver voice, video data, Internet access, wireless and other applications. Whatever you need.

Let’s make integrated services routers work for you

If you’re a growing company or opening new offices, an integrated network router can make perfect sense. Highly secure and built to be compatible with future technologies, they give you a flexible, sophisticated solution that can grow as you do. You can have network services either built in or added easily to the router as you need them, saving you time and money.

  • Multiple functions: One single box gives you many services, including security, wireless, video, WAN optimisation and more.
  • Video: Use the on-board digital signal processors to power video applications including video streaming, digital signage and video surveillance.
  • WAN performance: Deliver next generation WAN and network service requirements.
  • Easy management: Make troubleshooting easier by managing your network from a central location.

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