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As technology keeps improving, so too does the way we can connect you. Whatever you need, from wired and wireless networks to single networks carrying both data and voice, we’ll keep you in touch with the latest technology and each other.

  • Borderless Networks

    Network routers are evolving fast. Now they don’t just join networks together. With integrated services routers you can deliver voice, video data, Internet access, wireless and other applications. Whatever you need.

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  • Infrastructure and Hosting

    We can provide you with whatever network server infrastructure you need, both physical and virtual. You can manage it, or we can manage it for you. We can host it for you too.

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  • Managed Voice

    Let’s help you save money by running your voice calls over an Internet connection rather than a traditional telephone network. With Managed Voice we can take the concept of Skype to the next level for your business.

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  • Moving Offices

    Let’s take all the hassles out of your office move. Relocating your business is stressful enough without having to worry about your IT, so we offer a full service to help make your move as seamless and painless as possible.

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  • Network Switching

    Your network is the heartbeat of your IT system. It powers everything. So it must be always available, fully protected and ready for new challenges. That’s where we can help.

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  • Premises Voice

    If you are buying or already have an existing phone system, but don’t have the knowhow or want the hassle of managing it, we can do it for you. We’ll make everything work, and add new lines and users as and when you need them.

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  • Voice Connectivity

    If you want to connect your phones, just call us. Whether you want to move to a more cost-effective Internet based solution, or simply want some traditional telephone lines putting in, we can help.

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  • Wide Area Connectivity

    New technologies are making the world smaller and smaller. Now, through wide area connectivity you can bring all your offices closer together by connecting all your voice and data systems.

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  • Wireless Networks

    If you want total flexibility in your office, and want to avoid all the spaghetti of traditional cabling systems, look to a wireless network. All your data. All your voice. All brought to you without wires.

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What our customers say

ITogether provided us with a solution that meets every one of our requirements and then provides additional benefits as well. By using the latest technologies they were able to provide the operational flexibility we needed and make us both installation and operational savings. This is the most cost-effective technology investment I have ever made.

Julie Storey Director, Network Marketing

Network Marketing

ITogether provides excellent support and has come up with innovative ideas for solving problems, particularly with regard to wireless voice and mobility in our Grade II listed building. They have often introduced innovative new ideas and technology, but never for the sake of technology - always because it will bring a direct business benefit to Welcome to Yorkshire.

Don Stewart Special Projects Manager, Welcome to Yorkshire

ITogether provides excellent support - often confirming and validating our initial plans, but also coming up with innovative ideas for solving problems. They have often introduced new ideas and new technologies, but never for the sake of the technology - always because it will bring a direct benefit to Arcadia

Steve Hall Technology Manager, Arcadia Group

ITogether has met our very high expectations on every level. We get great on-line and telephone response times from them, and because they are local they can get someone on site very quickly if they need to. They’ve proved the one-stop shop philosophy we apply to our business really does work as well with IT.

Annette Armitage Director, MediaVest

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