Let’s protect your data.

The data in your business is under constant threat. So it’s critical that you stay one step ahead in protecting your network. We can help you do exactly that, using the latest technology to safeguard your data and keep your business secure.

  • AntiVirus

    Your business is more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before. So make sure you keep a close eye on what’s coming in and going out of your network by using the latest AntiVirus software.

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  • Email Content Filtering

    Let’s keep viruses, worms and other unsavoury emails away from your inboxes. And protect any sensitive messages you send. By filtering your content we can help keep your email system safe and secure.

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  • Firewalls

    Let’s keep intruders out of your IT system. If you want to secure your business against unauthorised access, our network firewall protection will help you do exactly that.

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  • SSL VPNs

    Access your business network and applications safely and securely wherever you are. With Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network’s (SSL VPN’s) you don’t need to install extra software, making things easy.

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  • Strong Authentication

    Hackers are a clever bunch, unfortunately. So if your security is based on fixed passwords it’s easy for them to get into. That’s why a stronger authentication solution may be needed.

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  • Vulnerability Testing

    Hackers and criminals are constantly looking for chinks in the armour of your network security. So let’s keep probing and testing your system, so we spot and fix any flaws long before anyone else sees them.

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  • Web Content Filtering

    Protect the security and integrity of your company by filtering your Internet content. Keep malicious software out of your systems and stop your employees visiting inappropriate sites.

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What our customers say

ITogether provided us with a solution that meets every one of our requirements and then provides additional benefits as well. By using the latest technologies they were able to provide the operational flexibility we needed and make us both installation and operational savings. This is the most cost-effective technology investment I have ever made.

Julie Storey Director, Network Marketing

Network Marketing

ITogether provides excellent support and has come up with innovative ideas for solving problems, particularly with regard to wireless voice and mobility in our Grade II listed building. They have often introduced innovative new ideas and technology, but never for the sake of technology - always because it will bring a direct business benefit to Welcome to Yorkshire.

Don Stewart Special Projects Manager, Welcome to Yorkshire

ITogether provides excellent support - often confirming and validating our initial plans, but also coming up with innovative ideas for solving problems. They have often introduced new ideas and new technologies, but never for the sake of the technology - always because it will bring a direct benefit to Arcadia

Steve Hall Technology Manager, Arcadia Group

ITogether has met our very high expectations on every level. We get great on-line and telephone response times from them, and because they are local they can get someone on site very quickly if they need to. They’ve proved the one-stop shop philosophy we apply to our business really does work as well with IT.

Annette Armitage Director, MediaVest

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