Off-site Backup

Life is unpredictable. So it’s always good to plan for ‘what if?’ situations. What if your on-site system crashed? What if someone accidentally deleted some vital data? That’s why it makes good sense to have off-site backup.

A belt and braces approach to protecting your data

Sending backups of your data offsite means that whatever happens, you can reload your systems with the latest data, giving you complete disaster recovery (DR). So if a natural disaster or human error strikes your IT system, you’ll have nothing to worry about. At ITogether we offer a number of back-up options to suit your needs, including:

Off-site Option: We’ll host your entire storage and backup infrastructure at our secure data centre. We will take full responsibility for the ongoing management of your storage and will make sure that all your data backups are successful.

Hybrid Option: You keep the storage infrastructure at your site but we’ll be responsible for backing it up at our secure data centre.

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