Cloud Managed Service

Cloud technology is changing the way we work with IT systems. With our Cloud Managed Service you can simply put your equipment in our data centre and we’ll manage it for you.

With cloud, the sky’s the limit

Cloud technology allows you to minimise the amount of software and hardware on your network. Your onsite hardware simply shows what’s happening on our managed (and maintained) network instead. This sort of system can usually be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving you maximum flexibility.

Our cloud services vary in size and scale, depending on what you need. You could simply use us for cloud-based data storage, or choose to have us take care of your entire IT system this way. Whatever works best for you.

  • Save time and money: No need for in-house expertise or management time.
  • Protect yourself: Fully backed up system for complete disaster recovery.
  • More reliable: Purpose built, highly resilient data centre.
  • More flexible: Access all your data wherever, whenever.
  • More scalable: Easily add additional server requirements as and when you need them.

To talk to us about how we can help you with our Cloud Managed Service, please call 0113 341 0123 or click here and we’ll call you. Or you can email us at

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