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Tweet The Dyn DDOS attack was committed using the Mirai source code released on the dark web earlier in October. It was an IOT attack. Cameras, and PVR’s were used to create a mass BOT network. This delivered over 300Gbps of DDOS attack at DYN and flattened it for a while. This then took out some big hitters in the…

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Website and Webserver Cyber Security – 15 steps on how to improve it ?

Tweet We often get asked a very straightforward question. How can I improve the security of my website ? This is on the face of it a common requirement. Why would you NOT want to ensure your website has the maximum levels of security ? You have a duty of care morally and legally to protect the site from compromise…

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ITogether Olympics

Tweet With the start of the Olympics only a few days ago, ITogether decided to get into the Olympic spirit at the start of the week and run our own office based games! Monday: To start the week off we had Paper Aeroplane Javelin. The competition for this was hot with many people in the office googling what the best…

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Major Service Outage

Tweet   The Major Service Outage has been identified as a failed UPS and PDU in the BT Suite at Telehouse. This failure has caused melting of several important power cables. BT have provided an estimated fix time for this issue as 14:30

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Why Upgrade Nokia IP Appliances ?

Tweet Customer has performance issues with current IP: IP runs on mono core CPU! Customer wants to consolidate security features, add blades (if compatible) on its IP and WILL probably face performance issues. Customer needs to extend its infrastructure: IP appliances are End of Sales , he will have to move to Security Appliance 2012 series. Customer is worried about…

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Why pay for a wireless survey ? I want it for free !

Tweet A professional wireless site survey. They’re just a way for an IT company to release more money from me for a standard report surely ? “Wireless is easy. I have it at home. I put some access points on the ceiling or a desk and that’s it.” So why should enterprise Wi-Fi be any more expensive or any different…

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Meraki MC74 Hosted PBX

Tweet New announcement from Meraki this week meant ‘ooos’ and ‘aahhhs’ in the ITogether office this week. We like the clean lines and Apple esque visuals. Well done Meraki. We can confirm as soon as the UK product is available we will be installing it in production. Our Cisco CME is due an upgrade…  

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Cyber Insurance – It will be law

Tweet Cyber insurance has been one of those things that people cant’t really see the point in, until you’ve actually had a incident when you’ve needed it. The whole “locking the gate when the horse has bolted” type scenario springs to mind! In recent times The Cyber Essentials Accreditation has become increasingly “compulsory” by default as larger organisations insist on their…

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ITogether feature at Manufactured Yorkshire 2016

Tweet ITogether were headline sponsors of MY16. We had some good publicity from the event. We had a good feature in The Yorkshire Post.

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Manufactured Yorkshire MY16 – 11th May 2016 – Check Point and Bluecoat Seminar – Turbo Charge Your Internet Connectivity & Security

Tweet This is a 30 minute session filmed at MY16. It is rare to get Check Point and Bluecoat on the same platform. Well worth watching. (The green tinge colour was the actual colour inside the bubble/bouncy castle – it isn’t our camera !) Mark and Hywel were great ! I have to say a special thank you to them…

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