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The Cloud vs Colocation – Who Will Win ?

Tweet A very powerful chart came out recently thanks to Gartner, comparing the sheer spending (cumulative cloud investment) on cloud infrastructure by cloud leaders.  You can view the chart courtesy of The Register here. I’ll summarise it for you: Google, Microsoft and Amazon are outspending everyone else by a wide margin.  Rackspace spending is in a distant fourth place, spending less…

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Comparing the Cost of Cloud and Co-Location

Tweet Is colocation cheaper than using a cloud computing services to run the same workload? It is if you run highly-utilized servers, according to Vijay Gill, who recently ran a comparison using Amazon Web Services pricing as a benchmark. Gill is the Senior Manager of Production Network Engineering and Architecture at Google, and knows a few things about data center cost analysis….

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What should I know about Cloud computing ?

Tweet I’m shortly going to be talking to an existing customer audience (a cross section of technical and decision making management) about cloud hosting. It will be fun to talk about a subject which I know a lot about. During my time in the industry I’ve seen shifts in the way we ‘host’. From ‘host it myself’ to ‘co-location’ using…

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Check Point Friday – Building an Effective Threat Prevention Strategy Webinar – Register Now!

Tweet Designing an Effective Threat Prevention StrategyLearn about Check Point’s unified next generation solution that prevents advanced threats and malware attacks and enables an organisation to easily and confidently control access to millions of web sites. Protections include stopping application-specific attacks, botnets, targeted attacks, APTs, and zero-day threats. An effective Threat Prevention strategy enables: • Comprehensive threat protection from one…

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Cisco adds to a busy few weeks in the storage market with purchase of Whiptail for $450M

Tweet Cisco has been shopping again, this time it bought Whiptail. A flash storage vendor. There have been some big deals done in recent weeks including two big acquisitions, worth $1.1 billion, this week: Cisco buys Whiptail for $415 million (Tuesday) Western Digital buys Virident Systems for $685 million (Monday) Pure Storage lands $150 million Series E funding (August 29) Violin Memory…

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Check Point Friday – Is your network vulnerable? Register Now for the latest Webinar!

Tweet   Are you vulnerable? How to detect the gaps in your network security.An effective security strategy should be based on measurable risks and outcomes – not gut instinct. Visibility into your network is a first step towards base-lining your security and identifying areas that require attention.Do you know which high risk web 2.0 applications are being used in your…

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Check Point Friday – Management Virtualisation Webinar – Register Now!

Tweet   This week’s Check Point webinar shows you how to get more security and control by segmenting your security management into multiple virtual domains. Any size business can benefit – easily creating virtual domains based on geography, business unit or security function to strengthen security and simplify management. Multi-Domain Security Management enable businesses to segment their security management into…

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Firewall Ettiquette

Tweet Why we ask for as specific a rule as possible, we don’t just ask for security. When we look at firewalls, we not only try to ensure their security (by making rules as specific as possible) but in being specific we also make the firewall more effective and efficient. The more precise a rule base is, the less work…

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Google Gmail Google Mail Outage Down 17:00 10th December 2012

Tweet Yep, a customer of ours noticed that Google mail was down. Nobody could get to mail for 20mins. Seemed to affect all of our customers. If you need to ever check the status of Google Apps then this link is good (but not perfect as it hasn’t been updated yet !)  

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Backblaze – How to get banned from Costco

Tweet Really like this blog post on Gigaom about Backblaze Great story about how an online backup company services it’s enormous hard drive habit ! Read all about the practically free Backblaze service here

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