Kaspersky – Am I at risk ?

Kaspersky has been in the news this week and last week. In early September 2017, the USA Department of Homeland Security ordered all federal executive branch agencies to stop using Kaspersky products, giving agencies 90 days to remove the software. Paranoia has been mentioned. Should customers be ‘ripping’ out Kaspersky ?

This has had a ripple effect around the rest of the world as organisations want to distance themselves from Kaspersky ‘just in case’.

Here are a couple of links to statements about it.

Most vendors have a ‘plan’ or ‘workaround’ to avoid Kaspersky integration. If you are concerned about your product and whether it is affected, please contact sales@itogether.co.uk or call 0113 341 0123

Check Point – General Statement

Check Point – How to remove from Endpoint

Check Point – Gateway Products



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