MDSM Multi-Domain Security Management Provider-1 and Check Point Managed Services in the UK

ITogether are one of the few (we are fairly positive the only !) Check Point Partner in the United Kingdom offering Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management (AKA MDSM or Provider-1)

What is Check Point MDSM ? A rarely promoted product in the UK, but one that has it’s roots in a product formally called Provider-1. Check Point produced a ‘service provider’ management product called Provider-1 back in the day (circa 1998 ish) for the likes of BT, C+W etc to enable them to ‘mass manage’ lots of Check Point customers’ policies and products (not the small office or Sofaware or X series small office products or 600 or 700, 1100, 1200 and 1400 series I might add, they use a totally different management cloud product called Security Management Portal for SMB) MDSM isn’t cloud management or cloud managed, it is a ‘hosted’

What does it actually do ? It delivers control to managed service providers by allowing them to compartmentalise many customer’s policies (securely and separately) and logs and database into multiple virtual domains. This can be done by department, geography, business unit or function or customer. All of the customers can ‘viewed’ and ‘changed’ at the same time from a single view.

Is this for Check Point firewalls only ? Yes only Check Point firewall modules. It is for the 2200 series and above firewalls that are not based on embedded GAIA or Sofaware.

What advantages does it give the end user ? The MDSM environment ITogether run is based on redundant Management Servers in multiple locations. This gives immediate redundancy benefits. Multiple administrators can work on the policy at the same time.

If you are an existing Check Point customer you can benefit by migrating your existing gateways into the ITogether MDSM service for very little cost per month in addition to your annual support costs. This gives you peace of mind that management and monitoring is being carried out on your behalf by a Check Point Managed Service Three Star Partner.

ITogether can optionally implement the additional cost Check Point Smart WorkFlow (a blade to enable the end user or customer to track and approve changes to the policy to enable easy auditing and compliance)

If you are a customer wanting management of a 600, 700 or 1100 series, ITogether are able to offer very good value centralised management using a slightly different product called ‘Check Point Security Management Portal’. This is a cloud hosted (by ITogether) service.

Contact ITogether today via the website for more information and costs for MDSM or SMP.

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