Moves…yes we have done a few now !

In Summer of 2005 we started our business. In the Autumn we formally started.

Looking back over the last ten years we have done quite a few ‘moves’ in the last decade.

Our first was Network Marketing, we moved them from two offices into one. Around 20 staff at the time.

Our second was ‘Mediavest’ now called ‘Carat’. We moved their offices and 25 staff into the centre of Leeds. Good fun, but hard work.

Our third, was ourselves ! Moving into Carrwood Park.

Our fourth was Arco moving to their new split datacentre arrangement in Hull

Our fifth was SCS moving them into new offices in Reading.

Our sixth was Welcome to Yorkshire, moving from York to Leeds

Our seventh was Elucigene – moving them across Manchester to the University Science Park

Next came the West Brom – moving to their new head office.

Then this month, we will see our latest move of Leeds Bid, across Leeds.

I’m sure I have missed at least three or four others, but you get the idea, we’ve done quite a few moves now !


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