Dell to pay over the odds for Sonicwall ? – Yes, I think so

Dell, you have too much money, and not great taste at the moment. Dell you’ve now bought Sonicwall for $1.2Bn – are you bonkers ? You bought a great storage vendor a few years ago and that really annoyed me. EqualLogic are/were a great vendor. All you did was devalue their great product. Frankly I don’t care about Sonicwall as their products are third rate, as are some other vendor solutions that sit in this space. You only have to look at Gartner 2011 firewall magic quadrant report to see where they come. They have nothing commercially or technically attractive to offer to the marketplace. That is why ITogether only sell the top half of the quadrant. Dell, if you wanted to buy anyone in the security space, you should have bought Barracuda and improved their technical support. I can’t believe you paid that much Dell, for a $260M T/O business saddled with debt. You would have then at least sold more servers if you bought Barracuda – but even they are tiny. Interestingly – I wonder what this move values Check Point and Palo Alto Networks at….mmmm silly valuations I reckon. The Ontario teachers pension plan board has offloaded and made a very nice flipped investment, clearing roughly $500M in less than 2 years. I wonder if the same will happen to Blue Coat…whom they also recently bought.

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