Dell EqualLogic – Why we like it and why we think it is ‘easier’ to use than competitors like EMC and HP

We’ve had time to get to used to our own Dell EqualLogic SAN and we’re very pleased with it. Despite it being a Dell badged product, it is definitely an EqualLogic technology. Dell needed an advanced, but easy to use storage platform of its own and over 4 years ago now, they purchased EqualLogic for their iSCSI technology.

We like the price point of the initial purchase. We’re not so sure the ongoing maintenance cost represents such good value though. The single points of failure are of course the disks (SATA or SAS depending on your initial purchase) one of the two controllers, or one of the two power supplies. The controllers are very expensive to replace, (circa £11k each – ouch !) and the power supplies over £1k each. You of course get access to new firmware as well. Though in our experience it is rare that you need to update the firmware on the enclosure. It is easy enough though, just a download from Dell and upload via the Java GUI/Management front end.

If you are looking at Netapp, EMC, or HP or IBM and want to consider Dell EqualLogic – even if you’re not a fan of Dell, try to ignore the badge (or just remove it from the bezel like we can do)

If you would like to know how much any of the Dell EqualLogic range costs, would like a price for spares or maintenance costs, we are confident we can beat any price. Get in touch with your requirements.

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